Meet Puppy Liza

Hi, I'm Puppy Liza.
I want to be your PawPal!

Dear Friend,

My name is Puppy Liza. I am a chocolate Labrador Retriever and I live in Pennsylvania with my family: Mom, Dad, Samuel, and Beatrice. Beatrice is four and Samuel is six. 

We are always off on an adventure together, and you can join us too by receiving and reading the letters I will send you. Each describes something that has happened in our family, like Bea learning to ride her bike, or Sam catching a frog.   And there are surprises for you with every letter.  Just ask a smart parent or grandparent to help you subscribe and you will be joining the fun we have every month. Expect each letter in a bright envelope with my picture on the front and addressed just to you.


Puppy Liza

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